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lubricating grease for Automobile sunroof track

lubricating grease for Automobile sunroof track
Product Details

The product is made of precision synthetic base oil blending, soap thickened from the precision grease, has good noise reduction ability, low volatility adhesion and long life, water resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance and rust resistance effect is remarkable, compatible with most plastics and rubber.

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Performance characteristics:

Wide range of temperature, low temperature -40℃;

Good oxidation resistance and shear stability, very long service life;

Excellent wear resistance, strong bearing capacity, good compatibility with most plastics and rubber;

Excellent lubrication ability, very low volatility and dispersion, low detection coefficient;

Excellent adhesion, lasting noise reduction;

Low sliding resistance, high travel efficiency, high load efficiency;

Excellent water resistance and corrosion and rust resistance;

Wide use temperature, good low temperature resistance, high temperature without flowing;

It has good compatibility with plastic rubber and will not crack, soften or swell the plastic;

Low volatility, excellent water resistance

Good shear stability;

Product application:

Lubricating parts between plastics, plastic and metal;

Low and medium high speed operation of plastic/plastic, plastic/metal gear set;

It is used for lubrication and sealing of various control valves, pressure plug valves and faucet valves in automobile slide system, pressure equipment and food industry;

It is also used for lubrication and sealing of rubber and plastic O-rings, gaskets and sealing gaskets;

Low and medium load lubrication point; Low and medium speed lubrication point;

High and low temperature lubrication point; Car doors and Windows lifting slide rail;

Car control cable, flexible shaft;

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