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Lubricating Grease for Sintering machine

Lubricating Grease for Sintering machine
Product Details

The product is suitable for the centralized lubrication system of the elastic slideway of the sintering machine in the metallurgical industry. Special grease for sintering machine is a kind of special grease developed by our company for the working conditions of sintering machine equipment in steel industry. This product has good high temperature resistance and low similar viscosity. It is suitable for centralized lubrication between the friction parts of the wheel and rail of various sintering machines. At the same time, it is also suitable for the lubricating of other mechanical equipment under severe high temperature water and medium load.

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Main performance:

Special grease for sintering machine has excellent sealing, high temperature, oxidation resistance, anti-wear and extreme pressure properties.

Sintering machine grease must have the characteristics: good high temperature performance, good sealing performance, excellent lubrication and anti-wear performance, good pumpability, low coking tendency, etc.

The main purpose:

Sintering machine professional grease is suitable for the lubrication and sealing of various sintering machines in steel mills and other enterprises, and can also be used for the lubrication of bearings in other high-temperature equipment.


Prevent mixing of water and impurities during storage and transportation

Can not be mixed with other grease

Do not use after heating

The sintering operation of the sintering machine is realized by excessively high negative pressure operation, the suction negative pressure reaches -267kPa, and the pressure difference with the atmosphere is increasing. In addition, the air seal of the sintering machine has its own weight and elasticity. It presses on the slide under pressure. Due to the wear and thermal deformation of the slide, there is a gap between the contact of the slide and the air seal, resulting in air leakage. This causes adverse effects on production costs and other aspects. The air leakage between the slideway of the sintering machine and the air seal is not only related to the mechanical connection, but also related to factors such as the temperature of the sinter during the sintering process, the raw materials, and the dust of the sinter. The softening and loss of grease at high temperature and the failure of grease supply causing poor grease supply, as well as poor sealing caused by dust mixing, will accelerate the abnormal wear of the sealing part. The grease sucked along with the air leakage will also burn and explode in the integrator of the exhaust system. In order to solve the above problems, our company has developed sintering machine grease.

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