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Application of ester oil in high temperature grease

Issuing time:2022-11-07 06:51Author:YIRUNDE GREASE

Ester oil is more and more widely used in high temperature grease, because the development of industry is getting more and more open, the requirements for grease are getting higher and higher. And the performance of ester oil is very good, so it is often selected. The following is a brief description of which oils will use ester oil.

For example, air compressor oil, which is often used in ester oil, can extend the service life of the commonly used oil by 8 to 12 times. Reduce the formation of sediment, reduce the downtime maintenance time.

Then there is the special high temperature grease for the transmission chain of the oven. The temperature of the environment is very high, and the general high temperature grease will soon be evaporated and produce a large number of precipitation stains. High temperature grease produced with ester oil has a very long life, and will not produce a lot of oil, reduce a lot of smoke and fire. It can also reduce energy consumption and oil consumption. The only downside is the high price of ester base oils, so you generally can't have it both ways. This balance means that consumers choose according to their own circumstances.

The high temperature grease produced with ester base oil has gained the trust of a large number of users, so that they can greatly save the cost in the production process. This also allows manufacturers to obtain a large number of quality customers.

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