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Application of high temperature grease on bearing without loss

Issuing time:2022-11-13 08:58Author:YIRUNDE GREASE

High temperature bearings are more common mechanical parts in daily life. High temperature grease grease can be adapted to many types of bearings. Why do you need to add high temperature grease to high temperature bearings? The normal operation of bearings requires oil to achieve lubrication, and choosing high temperature grease can save a lot of labor costs.

The application effect of high temperature grease on bearings is obvious, because it can provide good protection for bearings and improve the corrosion resistance, wear resistance and pressure resistance of bearings. Improve the high temperature oxidation resistance of bearings and delay aging. Just add a small amount of high temperature grease to the bearing. With the increase of the filling amount of high temperature grease, the bearing temperature increases linearly. Too much will affect the bearing, because the more high temperature grease is filled, the greater the friction torque is. Therefore, in order to make the normal operation of mechanical equipment, the bearing must be properly lubricated and the appropriate grease must be selected.

Factors affecting lubricating oil deterioration

Industrial lubricants are the blood of industrial equipment = Equipment failure. Therefore, in equipment maintenance, special attention should be paid to the role of lubricants, choosing high quality oil, choosing regular supply channels, and paying special attention to the reception, sealing and contamination of new lubricants. Do a good job of prevention, avoid mixing lubricants. When changing oil, please carefully remove the old oil to avoid contamination of the new oil with the original degraded oil. We pay attention to the detection of oil, check the quality of new oil, guide the maintenance of equipment in use and fault diagnosis.

So, what is the cause of deterioration of lubricating oil?

1. The high temperature

When using lubricating oil, special care must be taken to avoid high temperature. High temperature is one of the main reasons for lubricating oil deterioration. Lubricants not only lubricate and protect equipment, but also cool equipment components. Operating at high temperatures accelerates the loss of additives and base oil. Lubricating oil operating temperature is generally 30 to 80. The service life of lubricating oil is closely related to the working temperature. Experience shows that oil temperature increases every time it exceeds 60 °C. At 18 degrees Fahrenheit (7.8 degrees Celsius), the useful life of oil is halved. Therefore, in the process of using lubricating oil, as far as possible to control the temperature of lubricating oil helps to prevent the deterioration of lubricating oil, such as the use of heat exchanger to control the oil temperature.

2. Oxidized lubricating oil

Oxidation of lubricating oil is the reaction between oil and oxygen molecules. Oxidation increases the viscosity of the lubricant, leading to film formation, silting, and precipitation. Oxidation also speeds up the consumption of additives and breaks down base oils. As the oil oxidizes, the acid value begins to rise. Oxidation can also lead to rust and corrosion.

3. Lubricating oil is contaminated

Protect lubricant from water, dust, air, impurities and other pollution. Various metal materials (such as copper and iron) as the medium of some metal equipment, accelerate the oxidation and deterioration of oil, increase the viscosity of lubricating oil, and produce acidic substances that corrode mechanical parts. Copper and lead are particularly influential, and the effect of metal salts depends on the type of ion and the concentration of metal salts. Air and water can also aggravate the oxidation of lubricating oil, which can be monitored by detecting oil to guide equipment maintenance.

4. Depleted additives

Most of the additives are consumed in the process of large use. It is important to monitor the condition of additives by testing the oil. By monitoring the additives, you can tell if the oil is healthy. At the same time, the oil can also be detected.

5. Bubble pressure

Oil problems caused by bubbles are very common in hydraulic systems. When the lubricating oil bubble reaches the high pressure area from the low pressure area, the bubble is compressed, the oil temperature around the bubble rises, and the oil is oxidized. Therefore, high quality lubricants need to have good foam resistance. In addition, do not inhale air during use.

When choosing bearing grease, polish your eyes and learn to choose the right grease.

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