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Automotive thermal grease

Automotive thermal grease
Product Details

Automotive thermal grease is made of high temperature resistant synthetic base oil, high thermal insulation filler and functional additives, high temperature antioxidant antiwear agent and so on. Using special process, specially for the heat conduction, temperature performance of high requirements of the need to smear grease production. Heat dissipation ability is particularly good, with excellent high thermal conductivity.

Has a low oil performance, and outstanding thermal conductivity, even at high temperature does not flow low.

Stable chemical and physical properties, not easy deterioration. High and low temperature resistance, water resistance, ozone resistance, climate aging, can be used in extremely high temperature for a long time; The consistency is moderate, not too hard or soft. Easy to use, coating or potting process is simple.

Field of Application:

It is suitable for coating or overall sealing the surface of heat dissipation and insulation between the heating body and heat dissipation body (heat sink, heat sink, shell, etc.) of various instruments and meters (semiconductor thermometer, temperature sensor) and electronics and electrical appliances.

The packaging form can be divided into 1KG-15KG, can be customized according to the use situation.

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