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what is the best grease for cloth industry machinery?

Issuing time:2021-08-11 08:30Author:YIRUNDE GREASE

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In order to keep the cloth industry machinery in a good lubrication state for a long time, High temperature polyurea grease is a very suitable grease. Be sure to confirm the number of lubricating grease according to the requirements. First, you need to select a high-quality grease suitable for cloth industry machinery. The following is the common sense and sharing about grease suitable for various cloth industry machinery.

The base oil of high temperature urea-based grease for cloth industry machinery has moderate viscosity and excellent performance. It can meet the high-frequency vibration lubrication of cloth industry machinery heald frames. It is suitable for Xianyang, Hongqi, Fengkai, Siplan, Picano, Tsudakoma, Toyota, and Sumeite. The oil pool lubrication, centralized oil pump lubrication and automatic pumping lubrication of fixed time and ration for rapier cloth industry machinery, air jet cloth industry machinery, water jet cloth industry, and projectile cloth industry produced by domestic and foreign cloth industry machinery manufacturers.

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(Two looms of different ages)

The lubrication system of the cloth industry machine uses a manual pump to centrally add lubrication and a manual lubrication method to lubricate the lubrication parts of the cloth industry machine. The manual lubrication pump is a small lubrication pump that is operated by the manual handle to discharge the lubricant. It can be directly installed on the wall or frame of the machine.

Hand-injection lubrication is done by artificially adding grease or applying it by hand to the location where the equipment needs to be lubricated. The main lubrication parts of general textile machines are dobby and cam tongues, profile wheels, worm gears, worm gears, weft washers, chains, cams, etc. Generally, high-quality high-temperature grease can be used for manual grease filling. In addition, bearings that cannot or cannot be easily greased are usually protected by bearings with a sealing cover. But it also requires regular disassembly and maintenance.

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Choosing high-quality grease can first ensure the cleanliness of the oil. After use, the lubricated parts and the surface of the machine are very clean, which effectively prevents contamination of the cloth. Textile enterprises also need to regularly organize lubrication publicity and education, technical training for operators at all levels, and business training for lubricating grease. For example, grease manufacturers like ours will regularly organize and promote the application of new lubricating grease and new materials to exchange methods and experience in oil saving.

The conclusion drawn from the above description is that the soap fiber structure of the thickener of high-temperature urea-based grease is reasonable and evenly distributed. It can maintain good grease structure characteristics under the action of shearing force, and it has high cleanliness and can be effective. The friction between the heald frames can be reduced to prevent corrosion during the working process of the heald frames of textile machines and water jet cloth industry machinery. Textile machine grease is non-toxic and non-polluting, and the special white color does not pollute cotton products, ensuring that the fabric and cotton yarn are clean and tidy.

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