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Cement rotary kiln wheel with lubricant

Cement rotary kiln wheel with lubricant
Product Details

Product introduction and performance:

Cement rotary kiln belt lubricant is a special synthetic oil thickened by inorganic thickener, mixed with ester grease, and added with high efficiency additives such as solid lubricant and soft metal powder, refined by special process. Excellent high temperature, can make it more than 300℃ can also be good lubrication, because the addition of solid lubricants rely on solid lubricants for continuous lubrication, at the same time also added extreme pressure antiwear agent, so that it has good anti-wear extreme pressure, will minimize wear. The operating temperature can reach 800℃. It is also very airtight and will not stick to iron and copper.

It is applicable to the lubrication between the inner surface of rotary kiln belt and the iron pad of kiln body in cement industry, as well as the anti-adhesion and lubrication of steel making sliding nozzle, heating furnace baffle plate bearing and other high temperature and heavy load parts in metallurgical industry.

Be sure not to mix with other grease; After starting, the cap should be sealed in time to prevent impurities from affecting the use effect.

Packaging form can be customized according to customer requirements, such as -15kg plastic drums, 170kg iron drums, etc.

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