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Chain grease

Chain grease
Product Details

Chain grease is made of inorganic thickener to thicken high temperature resistant synthetic oil, and add oxidation resistance, wear resistance, corrosion prevention and other additives refined, excellent high temperature stability and oxidation resistance, high temperature does not coking, unchanged dilute. It is a medium viscous high temperature grease specially developed for chain operation under single or multiple working conditions which are in contact with ultra-high temperature, high speed, low speed, multi-water, wet, strong acid, alkaline substances or air. Excellent lubricity and wear resistance, can long-term reduce the wear of the chain, effectively prevent the chain from rust and corrosion. Not easy to coking, carbon accumulation and carbon accumulation is easy to clean, the chain can keep clean for a long time.

Can be applied to: conveyor chain, caterpillar chain, drag chain, transmission chain. Outdoor working equipment can keep the chain running well for a long time. Such as: harvester, recreational facilities, pipeline robots, underwater detection equipment, Marine work equipment, aerospace instruments, oven oven, mining equipment and so on. Complex working conditions can still play an excellent lubrication protection effect.

After opening, the box cover should be tightened in time to avoid mixing impurities and affecting the use effect; Do not mix with other oils. This product should be stored in a clean, dry place away from light;

Packaging can be customized according to customer requirements.

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