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How to choose high temperature grease for motor?

Issuing time:2021-07-05 08:01Author:YIRUNDE GREASE

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Does the length of the motor's service life have anything to do with the selection of the motor's high temperature grease? The selection of motor bearing grease should consider many factors such as the working environment of the motor, the light and heavy condition of the load, the length of the running time and the level of the speed. Mainly depends on the humidity of the working environment of the motor and the temperature of the bearing. If these two conditions are not met, it will cause grease loss and hydrolysis, resulting in bearing damage and even affecting production. With the development of mechanical technology, engineers and workers have higher and higher requirements for mechanical efficiency. The fewer machine repairs, the higher the production capacity. Because there is no need to spend time to repair the machine, the savings can be used for work. Excellent reduction of expenses and costs. Therefore, whether the life of the motor is related to the high temperature grease is a question that people are now very concerned about.

(The following opinions only represent the author's personal operating experience.)

1. Do you need to clean up the original grease when adding grease to the motor? Or just add new grease directly?


A. If the equipment needs to be lubricated regularly, the same type of grease can be added to the motor if there is no fault.

B. If it is to replace the original grease, a new type of special grease for motor bearings, the original grease needs to be thoroughly cleaned, and then grease is added.

C.If it is an overhaul, whether it is a new one or the same type, it is recommended to clean off the remaining grease and re-add grease.replacing the appropriate high temperature grease for the motor

2. Will the high temperature melting of grease cause damage to the motor?


A. In the absence of malfunctions and illegal work of the motor equipment, the friction and wear of the grease will increase after the high temperature melting of the grease, and it will burn out if it is not improved for a long time; if found in time, replacing the appropriate high temperature grease for the motor will be easy to avoid.

B. If the motor fails and heats up first, the temperature rises abnormally, and the butter melts; then the possibility of the motor burns out is very high. Therefore, to avoid burnout, not only the motor must be qualified, but the motor bearing grease must also be qualified.

3. How to understand the quality change of high temperature grease in the motor?


The quality of the grease changes due to the oxidation of the grease in contact with the air under different lubrication conditions. Therefore, this is generally difficult to judge. When buying grease, try to buy high-quality grease, and don't lose the watermelon and pick sesame seeds. The maintenance cost and time spent on the motor are several times that of grease.

4.What is the impact on the motor if too much high-temperature grease for the motor is added?


Too much grease in the motor bearing will affect the no-load loss. The obvious sign is that the bearing temperature rises.

5. Does the grease enter the motor from the bearing, affect the operation of the motor?


Generally, it does not affect the operation of the motor, but oil stains on the windings will cause insulation damage. It is recommended to clean up.

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Use high-quality grease as much as possible during use, and maintain the motor according to regulations, otherwise it is easy to cause unnecessary losses. Because high-temperature grease contains soap-based thickener, grease is more prone to oxidation and degeneration than lubricating oil. Ordinary grease is composed of 70%~90% lubricating oil and 10%~30% solid thickener. The degeneration of lubricating oil in use has an important relationship with its binding stability. If the fusion structure is not good, it will become unstable. Separate the lubricating oil from the system to form a so-called oil component, which reduces the performance of the grease and loses the lubricating effect of the grease. High-quality grease can form a thick bottom oil film on the motor bearing fir, which can be attached to the bearing surface for a long time and reduce operating noise; the bearing runs smoothly, has low power loss, and effectively controls internal temperature rise and current value; unique starting load capacity, Adapt to torque changes from idling speed to high-speed execution. High-quality grease will also be used in high-temperature and heavy-duty environments, and will not be thinned and lost; it can still be lubricated even in complex conditions such as water, steam, salt spray, and dust.

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