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Definition of low temperature torque of grease

Issuing time:2022-04-27 15:43Author:YIRUNDE GREASE

Low temperature torque can indicate the low temperature performance index of grease, which is the level that blocks the rotation of low speed rolling bearing when grease is used under low temperature standard. The lowest temperature when the sleeve rotates one week in one minute is measured by 9.81n.cm (1000g·cm) torque, which is used as the minimum application temperature of grease.

When the coning degree of grease is small, the running torque is large. The operating torque increases with the similar viscosity expansion of grease at 100.s-1. Generally, under the minimum application temperature, the short operation force of grease shall not exceed 147.J or 98.1n ·cm(15000 or 10000GF.cm), and the operation force shall not exceed 4.9, 9.81, I9.6 or 49.0N.cm(500, 1000, 2000 or 5000GF.cm). National standard SYSH/T0338-92 is rolling bearing grease low temperature torque testing method, equivalent to ASTMD1478.

To make a choice of grease to run the motor, in addition to getting rid of the shaft itself to promote the net weight, but also be sure to get rid of the strength limit of grease in rolling bearings. Because the strength limit of grease is very high, the motor or part of the rotation promoted can not run, it will cause obvious adverse effects. For example, in small and medium-sized motors, small generators and various instrument panels of airplanes, the temperature of the city square changes greatly in the natural environment and at low temperature, because the strength limit of grease expands, it is very easy to make rotation, shaking and rolling difficult. Therefore, the low temperature torque of grease is not only related to the low temperature viscosity of base oil price, but also related to the strength limit of grease.

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