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The difference between lithium and calcium based greases

Issuing time:2022-11-12 10:47Author:YIRUNDE GREASE

The difference between lithium based grease and calcium based grease is still very big, such as appearance, material, use temperature and so on.

Appearance of lithium and calcium based lipids. Lithium based lipids include universal lithium based lipids, extreme pressure lithium based lipids, lithium molybdenum disulfide lipids, and composite lithium based lipids. Lithium based lipids have high operating temperatures and can be used at temperatures ranging from -30 to 120°C. Calcium based grease appearance, it has the advantages of excellent water resistance, excellent mechanical stability, easy pumping and low price. Calcium-based lipid is an old variety from the 1930s, but it is also the one currently used in China. Early calcium based lipids were very popular.

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