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  • High vacuum silicone grease
High vacuum silicone grease

High vacuum silicone grease

Product introduction:

This product is thickened into oil with special thickening agent, and added with high efficiency additives such as antioxidant, antirust and structure improvement agent. It is refined by special process.

The performance:

Excellent high temperature performance to ensure lubrication and sealing under high and low temperature conditions;
Good water resistance, suitable for lubrication and sealing in wet environment;
Excellent solvent resistance to ensure lubrication and tightness in solvent environment;
Good dielectric property, to ensure the use of electrical safety;
Excellent corrosion resistance to ensure no corrosion of metal parts;
Good material adaptability, and NBR, ABS, PC and other non-metallic materials have good adaptability.


It is mainly suitable for lubrication, shock absorption and damping of various machinery and precision instruments used in high and low temperature environment.
It is also suitable for lubrication and sealing of glass piston and grinding joint in 6.7×10-4Pa vacuum system.
Suitable for the presence of bromine, water, acid and alkali and some other chemical medium conditions of lubrication and sealing;
Suitable for electrical insulation, anti-flashover, damping, shockproof, dustproof, waterproof, demoulding and sealing;
Suitable for the lubrication and sealing of power switch, O-ring, automobile brake pump, petrochemical plant valve and other devices;

This product has NLGI 2#, 2.5#, 3#, 3.5# consistency grade four.


Before use, the lubrication part should be cleaned;

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