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  • Mini motor bearing grease
Mini motor bearing grease

Mini motor bearing grease

Product introduction:

This product is made of low viscosity synthetic oil thickened by special lithium soap, and added with anti-oxygen, anti-rust, anti-wear and other additives, and refined by special process.


Excellent high and low temperature, thermal stability, mechanical stability and colloidal stability;
Minimal starting and running torque, extremely low evaporation loss, small friction coefficient;
Good high speed, DN value up to 1 million, suitable for long-term lubrication.

Range of application:

It is suitable for lubrication and protection of all kinds of series excitation, cover pole, induction and DC micro motor.
It is suitable for lubrication of high speed micromotor, bearing of household appliance, instrument and meter and low temperature environment.
It is suitable for lubrication and silencing of oil bearing of cooling fan, electronic movement, toy bearing, clock, electricity meter and various rotating friction parts.

This product is divided into two specifications according to the thickener, with NLGI 0#, 1#, 2# three consistency grades.

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