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  • Chemical medium resistant grease
Chemical medium resistant grease

Chemical medium resistant grease

Product introduction:

This product is made of highly chemical stability of perfluorinated polyether oil PFPE as the base oil, high purity fluorine polymer material as the thickening agent by special process prepared perfluorinated polyether oil sealing grease.


Excellent sealing ability and resistance to chemical medium, good wear resistance and antifriction;
Excellent high temperature property and thermal stability, no oil loss and combustion under high temperature;
Good resistance to water, not to be dissolved in liquefied natural gas and petroleum solvents, compatible with most plastics and elastic-colloid;
Resistant to strong oxidant media such as chlorine gas, hydrogen peroxide aqueous solution, uranium hexafluoride and corrosive media such as strong acid and alkali.


Suitable for strong acid and strong alkali contact parts, nuclear reactors and "lifetime" lubrication occasions;
Used for conveying acid, alkali, salt, corrosive gas, strong oxidant and other media of various high temperature and high pressure valves, connecting parts of the lubrication and sealing, especially suitable for liquefied natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas stainless steel valves;
Used for sealing lubrication of helium gas, oxygen, chlorine gas, ozone gas, hydrocarbon gas and other systems, suitable for sealing and lubrication of bearing and plug valve of oxygen generator system.
Widely used for lubrication and sealing of mechanical equipment, pipelines, valves, plugs, joints, shaft seals and bearings in environments corroded by active chemicals or acid-alkali corrosion.

This product has NLGI 1#, 2#, 3# consistency grades.


It only dissolves with high fluorinated organic solvents and fluorine oils, other organic solvents and oils are insoluble.
After use, it should be sealed in time to avoid impurities mixing and affecting the use effect;
Do not mix with other oils.


1KG, 15KG plastic drums or according to customer requirements for packaging.

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