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  • Acid and alkali resistant grease
Acid and alkali resistant grease

Acid and alkali resistant grease

Product introduction:

This product is thickened into oil with inorganic thickening agent, and added with anti-oxygen and anti-rust and other efficient additives. It is refined by special process.


Excellent adhesion, sealing and acid and alkali resistance, long service life;
Excellent high temperature and oxidation resistance, can withstand strong temperature changes;
Good lubrication performance, thermal stability, rust resistance and chemical resistance;
Excellent resistance to ammonia water, methanol, steam, medium concentration of acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive media.


Suitable for conveying steam, methanol, ammonia water, medium concentration of acid, alkali, salt and other strong corrosive medium high temperature and high pressure valves, connecting parts of lubrication and sealing;
Used for sealing and lubrication of valve parts, cocks, low-speed rolling bearings and rotating parts under strong corrosive conditions;

This product has NLGI 2#, 2.5#, 3#, 3.5# consistency grade four.


Before use, clean the grease coating area with kerosene (or gasoline), acetone or synthetic detergent after mixing with water;
After use, it should be sealed in time to avoid impurities mixing and affecting the use effect;
Do not mix with other oils.
Package is installed

1KG, 15KG plastic drums or according to customer requirements for packaging.

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