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  • High efficiency heat conduction and insulation silicone grease
High efficiency heat conduction and insulation silicone grease

High efficiency heat conduction and insulation silicone grease

Product introduction:

This product is made of high temperature resistant silicone oil, high thermal conductivity insulation filler and adding functional additives through special process.


Excellent thermal conductivity, very low evaporation loss and oil separation, high temperature does not flow;
Excellent insulation performance, non-toxic, non-curing, insoluble, no corrosion to the substrate, stable chemical properties;
Wide use temperature range, resistance to water, ozone, weather aging, can be used in a certain temperature for a long time;
Good thixotropy, simple coating or potting process, easy to use and economical.


Suitable for all kinds of instruments and meters (semiconductor thermometer, temperature sensor) and electronic, electrical heating elements (transistor and semiconductor transistor, etc.) and heat dissipation body (heat sink, heat sink strip, shell, etc.) between the heat dissipation and insulation;
Widely used in electromagnetic cookers, electric kettles, automobile refrigerators, printer heads, computer fans, CPU, thermistors, temperature sensors, power modules and other parts that need heat transfer surface coating or integral potting.
Suitable for insulation and protection of electrical components;

This product has NLGI 1#, 2#, 3# consistency grades.


Before use, the lubrication part should be cleaned;
After use, it should be sealed in time to avoid impurities mixing and affecting the use effect;
The coating should be uniform and smooth, and the thickness of the coating should be controlled as far as possible. The thinner the coating interface, the better the thermal conductivity.
Do not mix with other oils.

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