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  • Tunnel kiln bearing grease
Tunnel kiln bearing grease

Tunnel kiln bearing grease

 Tunnel kiln bearing grease

Tunnel kiln bearing grease is a kind of high temperature grease, used for lubrication and protection of high temperature equipment. High temperature lubrication is divided into grease lubrication and powder lubrication, which is often determined according to the working condition of kiln car bearing. Consult a technician if in doubt.

The working conditions of tunnel kiln car bearings in porcelain, ceramics, building materials industry and refractory material industry are poor, and the internal production is not much to accommodate about 50 kiln cars. The environmental temperature of the lower bearing of kiln car is often between 150 and 300℃, and the weight of kiln car after loading is about 10 tons. Therefore, the service life of the bearing is less than half a year at most. The lighter grease is for the most part charred and brittle, and almost loses lubrication. It will be a waste of time if all the bearings are cleaned and updated with lubricants for each car. After the tunnel kiln bearing grease is introduced in the paper, the wear of bearing parts is effectively reduced and the service life of bearings is prolonged.

Ointment lubrication is generally within 350 degrees, relying on semi-fluid lubrication. Powder lubrication can reach more than 1000 degrees, but the wear of lubrication parts is large, generally only used for ultra-high temperature lubrication and anti-jamming purposes, to ensure the long-term normal operation of lubrication parts at high temperature. Tunnel kiln bearing grease will have these two situations, so there are these two types, which can be selected according to the working condition.

Tunnel kiln bearing grease is made of synthetic base oil and added with special antioxidant materials, extreme pressure antiwear agent and other additives, specially designed for various kiln car bearings. It is mainly suitable for the lubrication of bearing parts of various kiln and tunnel kiln car under high temperature, low speed and heavy load in all kinds of ceramics, electromagnetic, refractory materials, enamel products and other industries. Can also be customized according to the working condition consultation. For all kinds of bearings under high temperature, low speed and heavy load conditions for a long time, they have irreplaceable lubrication advantages to ensure long service life of bearings.

Product features: Due to the addition of special antioxidant materials, this product has super oxidation resistance, coupled with excellent extreme pressure wear resistance makes grease can still maintain good lubrication performance even in a particularly high temperature environment. At the same time, this product has good hydrophobicity and mechanical stability, can also be used in various high temperature metal processing industry sintered trolley, tempering hopper bearing and incinerator, regenerative furnace bearing lubrication.



Application: special for tunnel kiln bearings.


Technical parameters of tunnel kiln bearing grease

Test method



Black even cream


Working cone penetration, 1/10mm



Drop point, ℃



Corrosion (45# steel, 100℃, 24h)



Corrosion resistance (52℃, 48h), grade



Extreme pressure performance (four ball machine method),PD values,N



Oil content of steel mesh(100℃,24h),﹪



Oxidation stability(99℃,100h,78.4×10Pa)MPa



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