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  • Extreme pressure grease/EP grease
Extreme pressure grease/EP grease

Extreme pressure grease/EP grease

EP grease introduction:

This product is made of high quality base oil thickened with special thickening agent and refined with imported compound additives. It has a strong resistance to pressure.

EP grease

Product performance:

Excellent mechanical stability, minimal thinning range for long-term work.

Good high temperature performance, not easy to soften and maintain appropriate consistency.

Strong adhesion, good lubricating oil film can be guaranteed at high and low temperature.

Top extreme pressure wear resistance to meet the operating conditions of the equipment.

Scope of application:

It is suitable for the lubrication of wheel bearings, chassis, clutch bearings, motor, water pump and other friction parts of cars, large buses and heavy-duty trucks on mountainous roads and under harsh conditions of heavy load and high speed.

It is suitable for bearing lubrication of continuous rolling mill, continuous casting machine and steel roller table in metallurgical industry.

Matters needing attention:

The grease shall be placed in a room with good ventilation and appropriate temperature.

After the use of the bucket cover, it should be strictly prevented from dust and other sundries, and the bucket cover should be properly covered in time after use.

Extreme pressure grease

We can change the color of the products and customize the packaging of different sizes according to customers' requirements.

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