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silicone grease

silicone grease

Thermal conductive silicone grease, also known as heat dissipation paste, is a paste made of special silicone oil as base oil, new metal oxide as filler, with a variety of functional additives and processed by a specific process.Colors have different appearance depending on the material.

silicone grease
(The picture above shows the product packaging: 15KG drum and 1kg drum)


It has good thermal conductivity, temperature resistance, insulation performance;
It is the ideal heat resistant device medium material, and stable performance;
In use it will not produce corrosive gas, will not affect the metal in contact.


High purity fillers and silicone ensure smooth, uniform and high temperature insulation.
Apply to power device and radiator assembly surface, help eliminate the air gap on the contact surface, increase heat flow, reduce thermal resistance, reduce the working temperature of power device, improve reliability and extend service life.



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