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  • White grease
White grease

White grease

Product introduction:

This product is refined from special white oil thickened by high - grade fatty acid soap.

white grease with high temperature and high speed


Excellent low temperature and easy to start performance, can meet the requirements of high-speed operation equipment;Suitable adhesion, strong ability of metal adsorption, with good protective performance;Good lubrication performance, the thickness of the lubricating oil film formed in the process of use is large, which can effectively reduce the fatigue wear of components;Exterior white and delicate, high cleanliness.

Range of application:

Suitable for lubrication and protection of all kinds of high-speed rolling bearings, precision machine tool bearings, textile machinery bearings and instruments and meters;

white lubricating grease

It is very suitable for high speed and high temperature bearings, especially it will not melt into liquid at high temperature, and it will not break away from bearings because of the increase of centrifugal force at high speed

The packaging can be customized according to customer's requirements, and the color can be adjusted appropriately.

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