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What harms the water resistance of grease

Issuing time:2022-03-21 09:43

Grease resistance mainly depends on water thickener and the types of aromatic oil, grease of lubricating oil as base oil prices, such as nitrogen compound thickeners good water resistance, moisture absorption, emulsification, soap base composition of the water resistance of the grease is soap water soluble metal materials, such as sodium soap soluble in strong electrolyte, produce the type of oil/water emulsion body and loss of lubricating grease into a liquid. Aluminum, calcium, barium, lithium and other soap-based lipids can produce water/oil type emulsifiers, which are relatively stable, so the structure of grease does not change much. In the wet and cold or water under the operation of mechanical equipment lubrication, should be used with good water resistance grease, such as smelters, textile factories, steel mills hot rolled strip rolling bearings by high temperature natural environment and water cleaning, strict standards in the work. The water resistance of grease can be evaluated by water shower test, or by adding 10% water in the barrel test to evaluate the water resistance of grease at a certain temperature (indicated by the change of mortar consistency).

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