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Influence of base oil on grease

Issuing time:2022-03-30 14:35Author:YIRUNDE GREASE

The type and composition of base oils determine the high temperature volatility, ultra low temperature pumping and similar viscosity properties of grease. The lubrication performance of grease basically depends on the lubrication characteristics of basic oil. Basic oil immediately harm grease lubrication, temperature resistance, ultra-low temperature, air oxidation stability and plastic resistance and other characteristics, so the appropriate selection of basic oil is very critical.

The base oil of grease includes mineral oil, hydrocarbon generating oil, lipid oil and silicone oil. Generally at 40℃ fitness viscosity of 15 ~ 1500mm2 / s lubricating oil can be applied. The lubricating oil with the least viscosity and better ultra-low temperature performance has the lowest operating temperature at high speed, while the oil with the highest viscosity has the best performance at low speed, with a large load, the least volatile damage, the strongest adhesion race, and the best moisture and organic solvent resistance.

Mineral oil refers to petroleum lubricating oil. The main products are HVI, MVI, LVI universal basic oil, HVIW and other special basic oil, LAN total consumption system software oil and cylinder oil. Because its price is the least, it is the most widely used in grease production and manufacturing, and the amount of use is large. It is characterized by wide viscosity coverage, good lubrication performance, universal source, cheap price, suitable for the production and manufacture of grease in different application fields.

Its deficiency is: the high temperature and low temperature can not be both at the same time, can not be integrated into the wide temperature category, for some very high temperature, very low temperature, high-speed rotation, long life, solvent resistant substances, radiation resistant sources and other special standards can not be met. Its biggest deficiency is poor degradation ability, its benzene and other harmful substances in the application process due to its infiltration, leakage, spillover into the natural environment will cause environmental pollution, damage the ecological environment protection, serious harm to health.

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