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new generation of super high temperature grease on bearing bearing influence

Issuing time:2022-09-01 21:22Author:YIRUNDE GREASE

high temperature grease can be determined by the size and structure of rolling bearing bearings. With a slight impact load, the bearing life should be reduced by about 5/8. With medium impact load, the bearing life should be reduced by about 6/8. When there is a strong impact load, the bearing life should be reduced by about 7/8. The impact load bearing should choose more thickening agent content, more viscous grease.

It is generally believed that the wear resistance and bite resistance of ultra-high temperature grease slightly affect most ball bearings and many roller bearings. Almost all antiwear greases without additives have good antiwear and bite resistance, which can ensure the normal work of general rolling bearings. The anti-wear property of the grease with the scrambler bite additive and the anti-wear filler is improved, but it has little effect on the working ability of the ball bearing. Adding 3% molybdenum disulfide to ultra-high temperature grease can not improve the working capacity of radial ball bearings at all. Grease used for rolling bearings, its bite resistance requirements are not high, silicone grease can also be used. However, under sliding friction, silicone grease shows poor resistance to bite. More importantly, the ultra-high temperature grease can be well maintained in the bearing and will not be thrown off due to operation.

Under rolling friction wear and rotational resistance are hardly subordinate to the load. The friction coefficient of rolling bearing decreases obviously when the load increases. Under a certain load, the type of lubricant has little influence on the rotational resistance moment of rolling shaft.

The bite resistance and wear resistance of ultra-high temperature grease significantly affect the working ability of roller bearings bearing load, especially long cylindrical roller bearings or needle roller bearings. In individual parts of these bearings, such as cage hole rings and raceway edges, not only rolling friction, but also sliding friction can be observed. Improper grease used for loading roller bearings may increase wear on cages, rollers and other components. When high speed and heavy load exist together, the wear increases even more. Therefore, anti-wear additives must be added to the grease. Composite calcium - based grease has good bite resistance. Anti-bite additives (i.e. extreme pressure additives) can also be added in the grease filler, such as sulfide fat, lead naphthanate, tritoluene phosphate, chlorinated paraffin and graphite, molybdenum disulfide, etc.

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