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Why does high temperature grease not dry and form sludgeunder high temperature and high load?

Issuing time:2023-06-28 08:06

High temperature greases are now ubiquitous, but it isbelieved that many people have encountered and used them in life and work. Herelet's discuss the performance advantages of high temperature oils and fats andtheir heat resistance range from -40°C to 340°C. Today's production technologycan produce a high concentration of PTFE lubrication protective layer, and cancontinue to lubricate at high temperatures. Can withstand salt water and mostcleaners. This is why it does not dry out at high temperatures and high loadsand does not form harmful impurities. Protects against chemical attack by acidsand bases. Oil separation has low pressure resistance, high pressure resistance,excellent oil film strength and load resistance, and has a longer life thanordinary synthetic greases. Thus greatly saving the service life and time.

High temperature grease products are mainly used in thefollowing areas? First: anti-friction bearings or rolling bearings. Now theindustrial equipment is more and more advanced, and more and more places needhigh temperature grease. Second: Hydraulic power: highly extruded part of thewaterway gate. High temperature grease needs to be slowly improved andcustomized according to customer needs. Third: paper industry: cardboardmachine (cardboard roller and pressure roller). With the increase in the demandfor paper products, more and more paper industry uses high temperature grease.Fourth: Food industry: toaster conveyor belt bearings, pastry conveyor beltbearings. The food industry also needs more and more food industry machinerybecause we are now pursuing delicious food. Fifth: All kinds of bearings underhigh temperature: fan bearings, fan bearings, lithographic printing pressbearings, high temperature furnace bearings. Radial bearing, sleeve bearing,guide bearing, plain bearing, rolling bearing. And all kinds of other, hightemperature furnace: plywood drying furnace, painting equipment, ceramichardening furnace, door hinge furnace. Textile industry: elevator bearings forprinting and dyeing machines, bearings for steam engines and dryers, chains,bearings and gears for tenters.

More and more industries require hightemperature grease lubrication, so please choose the right high temperaturegrease according to your type.

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