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Is or is not grease a stable solid or semi-solid lubricant?

Issuing time:2023-07-28 20:52

Is or is not grease a stable solid or semi-solid lubricant? It is usually a variety of colors, because manufacturers can adjust the color according to customer needs, and at the same time can improve the performance by adding additives and anti-wear agents. Grease has special thixotropy and can adhere to metal surfaces at room temperature and at rest. As the temperature rises and moves, it becomes fluid and softens until it lubricates the moving parts of the machine. When the motion stops, it will return to the original state. Therefore, it has plasticity and adhesion. The three-dimensional skeleton structure formed by the thickener molecules in the grease in the lubricant produces the lubricant, which is maintained in the skeleton gap depending on the mutual attraction between the two.

There are two main types of grease base oil: mineral base oil and synthetic base oil. There are also two types of grease thickeners: soap-based thickeners and non-soap-based thickeners. Soap base thickener can be divided into single saponyl, compound soap base and mixed soap base thickener. Non-soap based thickeners can be divided into hydrocarbon based thickeners, organic thickeners and inorganic thickeners. Grease additives It can be roughly divided into antioxidants, extreme pressure wear agents, rust inhibitors, structural improvers and anti-stick agents.

Compared with lubricating oil, the use has the following differences. Its advantage: Since there is no need to add grease frequently to the lubricating parts, it can reduce consumption. Useful for equipment that is not easily replaced or supplied with oil. It has the function of shock absorption and noise reduction. Most operating temperature ranges are wider than the operating temperature range of lubricating oil. It also has many disadvantages, high viscosity, high starting torque. Poor fluidity and insufficient heat dissipation. Inconvenient to supply or replace grease. It is difficult to adjust the supply of grease, and impurities cannot be removed from the lubricating surface. During the working process, the load and pressure will squeeze the lubricating oil, when the working temperature rises, the lubricating oil begins to soften, the base oil is extruded from the frame structure and flows to the metal surface, forming a liquid lubricating film that acts as a liquid lubricating film. Bearings are often exposed to high temperatures and high loads during operation, which inevitably produces friction and wear. By adding extreme pressure wear-resistant agent, the friction and wear of bearing can be effectively inhibited.

Antioxidants: Amino amines, such as diphenylamine. Phenols, such as 2, 6-di-tert-butyl-p-cresol (BHT).

The application of certain types of additives in oils and fats is explained: antioxidants, antioxidants mainly solve the oxidation problem of oil base oils. Since the operating temperature range of greases is larger than that of lubricating oils, it is necessary to increase the decomposition temperature of the antioxidants used.

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