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Manufacturing method and mechanicalstability of lithium base grease

Issuing time:2023-08-08 11:08

The manufacturing method of lithium greaseis very simple, and the quality of the products produced is very reliable andthe mechanical stability is excellent. After heating the base oil with thethickener, the hot melt grease is poured into the grease manufacturing pot, theremaining cold oil is added to cool the grease to a specific temperature, thenecessary additives are added, and the shear is repeated, and the desiredgrease is obtained, and the dye is added to dye the desired color.

Compared with the traditional manufacturingprocess, this method has a short production cycle. Greatly reduce the cost ofproduction, quality is also improved a lot. The product quality is high and themechanical stability is greatly improved. The component fatty acids and part ofthe base oil can be evenly dissolved and mixed at first, and then lithiumhydroxide, water and antioxidants are added. Lithium base grease to be preparedin pipeline reaction. Then, after the flash dehydration reaction, the watervapor is discharged from the top, and finally the fine grease is obtained bycooling and mixing with the homogenizer.

Finally, additives are added according tothe needs of the use environment, thus greatly improving the service life ofthe product. Finally, according to customer requirements, the product packagingis customized for customer packaging, and the weight can also be adjustedaccording to demand, thus greatly saving labor costs and increasing the qualityof lithium grease.

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