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The correct use of grease to avoid waste of grease and lossof bearings

Issuing time:2023-08-14 08:35

Do not add too much grease, otherwise it will increase thefriction torque. There are many types of grease, pay attention to differenttypes of grades, to avoid the mix of old and new grease. As a result, thetemperature increases and the fat consumption increases. Generally speaking,the appropriate amount of grease is 1/3 to 1/2 of the total void volume in thebearing. Because the variety and quality of grease are constantly improved andchanged over time, be sure to follow the correct use of grease in the usermanual.

When the old equipment is changed to the new grease, it shouldbe tested before it can be formally used. When replacing the new grease, thewaste grease should be removed first and the parts should be cleaned. Whenreplenishing grease, clean the old grease in the correct way and replace thenew grease. It must be paid attention to avoid the cross use of greasecontainers and tools, otherwise, it will have adverse effects on the drop pointof grease, the increase of cone penetration and the decrease of mechanicalstability. Depending on the situation, sometimes the bearing edge grease shouldbe applied to perform cavity lubrication.

The workers are told to pay attention to the replacement ofnew grease work, pay attention to the management of the grease filling process,and the grease supply port on the equipment should be wiped clean in advance toprevent the mixing of mechanical impurities, dust and sand.

There is also the need to pay attention to the choice ofseasonal grease, such as the winter and summer of the equipment environment andthe temperature difference is large, if the summer with winter grease or viceversa, the result will be counterproductive. The time of adding grease shouldbe determined according to the specific use, which should ensure reliablelubrication and not cause waste of grease. Pay attention to the above pointscan better ensure the life of the grease, so as to greatly save the waste ofunnecessary labor costs.

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