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Use method and production of colorless damping grease

Issuing time:2023-09-06 10:41

Colorless damping grease is made by thickening a variety of high viscosity synthetic oil with special thickening agent, adding several kinds of structure improvement agent and anti-rust agent and refining by special process. At the same time according to different use of the environment, according to the viscosity, consistency, damping coefficient, etc., it is divided into multiple models and varieties, types. The use of colorless grease is everywhere in life. For example, the refrigerator, microwave oven door shaft, washing machine shock rod, furniture slide rail, hinge and other devices damping and lubrication. Of course, the rotating potentiometer, inductor and other electrical components of the rotating shaft and audio and video equipment slow door damper and telescope, microscope and other instruments adjustment system and rotation damping and lubrication, these parts also need to be used.

The characteristics of colorless damping grease are also very special, such as: suitable for plastic-plastic, plastic-metal, metal-metal damping.

Colorless damping grease excellent sealing, rust resistance. Excellent adhesion and drawing properties. Excellent lubricity and suitable damping. Good noise reduction, compatible with most plastics. So it's a very popular product.

Colorless damping grease, also known as high-viscosity grease, shock-absorbing grease and shock-resistant grease, provides different viscosities and is suitable for components or structures with different torque requirements. It is a non-toxic and environmentally friendly grease. It was sealed to prevent intrusion. Used to connect parts, it allows for large clearances and tolerances, has a cushioning effect, and allows parts to move smoothly and accurately. It has water resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance and dust resistance, and can be used in a variety of environments.

Before adding grease, please ensure that the surface of the lubricating assembly is clean and dry to ensure a clean grease injection process. Do not mix greases of different brands. Special attention should be paid to the lipid replacement cycle and the control of the use process to ensure the appropriate amount of lipid. Most important of all: storage. During transportation and use, keep the container closed to prevent water and dust from mixing into the open container.

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