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How to distinguish the method and application field of high temperature lubricating grease

Issuing time:2023-10-02 11:43

    With the development of The Times, the demand for industrial equipment is also increasing, and the general oil can not meet the requirements of the office environment is more difficult.

Yes,. However, under some high temperature conditions,. Therefore, in such cases, the best solution is to use hot grease, which not only provides excellent wettability for the equipment, but also extends the service life. However, with so many grease products on the market, how can you tell if it is hot grease?

1. The main reason for the excellent lubrication performance of high-temperature lubricating oils in harsh working atmospheres is not so much related to the ingredients. Its main component is the perfluoropolyether oil of polytetrafluoroethylene thickener, which has high chemical resistance and special anti-corrosion additives.

2. High temperature resistant grease can reasonably resist salt water and most cleaning fluids, and will never dry out or form harmful residue under high temperature and long-term load. It is very stable, can effectively increase the wetting time and oil change interval.

In fact, the "drip free point" of hot grease does not mean that it can withstand high temperatures. Only two aspects depend on the high temperature tolerance of the grease: the price of the base oil and the viscosifier. In general, basic oils have a greater impact on determining whether hot oils are resistant to high temperatures. General mineral oils can withstand high temperatures of 120-150°C and 180°C in a short period of time, while synthetic oils can withstand relatively high temperatures. Therefore, according to mineral oil non-drip grease is not necessarily resistant to high temperature. The good effect under high temperature conditions lies in excellent performance and better application conditions.

All these are non-drip point extreme pressure compound total synthetic lipids manufactured by new technology and secret recipe. All are non-drip goods. All of them have unique high temperature heat resistance, oxidation resistance at high temperatures, and long-lasting non-wetting components. Give lubrication effect. Because the base oil price applies thoroughly generated grease, the high-temperature grease can be operated continuously from high temperature conditions without slagging or carbon accumulation. It has excellent adhesive force, water resistance, mechanical stability protection characteristics, and effectively prevents the moving parts from harming the external environment.

3. Widely used in plastic film Lashen tenter rolling bearings, heat setting machine conveyor belt rolling bearings, corrugated board machine rolling bearings, hot fan bearings, heat conduction oil pump bearings and high temperature motor bearings.

Why does oil flow at high temperatures?

1. The drop point is low, if the temperature is higher than the drop point temperature, the fat will dissolve and discharge.

2. The mechanical stability of lubricating grease is poor, even if it is cut, it can not be restored to the original state. Through repeated cutting, it becomes thinner and more liquid.

3. The oil colloid solution is unstable. Cutting or air oxidation of oil will result in a large amount of oil separation.

What causes oil cokers in high temperature conditions?

1. Under high temperature conditions, the light components of the oil base oil price volatilize rapidly, and the reorganization of the oil and oil occurs oxidation reaction under the influence of high temperature and pressure and metal catalysis, charring or shrinking into coke.

2. After using the light components of the base oil price and the lubricating grease that has been added with inorganic viscosifier or solid wear-resistant agent, the heavy grease components are coated with inorganic viscosifier or solid wear-resistant agent.

3. Because of poor tightness or durability, dust and grease will produce a solid oxide layer and scrub particles under high temperature and pressure.

Measures to avoid grease flow and slagging at high temperatures:

1. The drop point of the selected lubrication point is 30°C or higher than the working temperature, and has excellent mechanical stability and colloidal solution reliability.

2. Select the lubricating oil whose basic oil composition is synthetic oil.

3. Strictly implement the wetting control rules, develop a scientific, timely and quantitative filling plan, and replace the old oil with new oil on time.

Second, does the "no drop point" of high temperature lubricating oil indicate that it can withstand high temperature?

First, it must be understood that the drop point is the reference basis for determining the high temperature abundance of hot grease, but the temperature of ordinary grease is generally about 30°C lower than the drop point. The detection result of the oil drop point under special conditions only indicates the temperature at which the special oil melts, softeners or drops under certain conditions. It does not represent the specific working temperature, only as a reference. The newly developed non-drop point grease on the market uses inorganic substances or macromolecular substances as viscosifier, which is called "non-drop point" because it is not easy to drop under detection conditions.

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