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How is special grease used

Issuing time:2023-12-03 21:51

Special grease It has excellent wearresistance, extreme pressure properties and bonding properties. It has a highdegree of water and rust resistance, so that it can maintain lubricationproperties in extremely harsh environments because of excellent mechanicalstability and colloidal stability. Grease is used in many parts of the car. Aslong as the car is performing activities such as spherical joints, mirrors,cables, electrical switches, braking systems, sunroof motors, window liftmotors, wiper motors, special greases, etc., should be used. Here, the greaseis exposed to extremely hot and cold places, water vapor and other harshenvironmental conditions. In addition, special greases should also reduce wearand noise during the service life of parts, such as the lubrication requiredfor tensioning bearings. Lubrication points for powertrain systems typicallyinclude lubrication of drive shaft system components (e.g., constant speeduniversal joints), engine accessories (e.g., tensioning bearings), gear boxesand clutches (e.g., input shaft splines).

Secondly, the choice and use of automobileparts grease is very important. Not suitable for fabric, chassis universals,constant speed universals and other high temperature resistant, robust rollingand sliding friction parts and the need for water resistance, cars and humanbodies, with complex structure. Depending on the shape and design of each car,there are 30,000 to 35,000 more parts to marvel at! Lubrication and protectionof parts against corrosion and antioxidants; Long service life and long replacementcycle can save energy and reduce energy consumption. It has excellent hightemperature and oxidation resistance, prevents oxidation deterioration ofgrease, and prolongs service life.

Greases used in automotive power systemsinclude automotive engine bearing grease, automotive starter motor one-way geargrease and automotive starter gear grease.

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