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What are the product advantages and basic properties of high temperature greases?

Issuing time:2024-03-09 22:03

Advantages of high temperature greases Asthe name suggests, hot grease is grease used at high temperatures. Its basicperformance is that the service life is long, the sealing performance isexcellent, the lubrication structure is simple and diversified, can work at awide temperature, can be used at low temperature can be used at hightemperature, while maintaining these properties but also good viscosity withoutloss, so that the machine better start, this grease we generally calledsynthetic grease. Synthetic oils can also be made with lubricant particlescontaining high concentrations of teflon, which are very good at resisting hightemperatures and pressure. And can change the thixotropy of the oil, when theexternal force in a wide temperature range, it will flow; When the externalforce disappears, it stops flowing. Suitable for bearings, chains, slidinggears, etc. that lubricate ambient temperatures often exceeding 260°C.

Examples: inferior products (nocarbonization or carbon deposits), ordinary products (no carbonization orcarbon deposits, grease dry or residual lubrication media), long life products(no carbonization or carbon deposits, oil little change).

There are many main materials for theproduction of high temperature grease, such as:

The main component of silicone is silica.The particle size of silica gel is very small, and the specific surface area islarge, which is 100-200 m2 / g. Silicone grease has no drop point, is resistantto oxidation, and can be used at high temperatures. It is also one of thematerials for the production of high temperature grease. At the same time thereis a material called boron nitride is a new solid lubricant, can be used as athickening agent of hot grease. Boron nitride has a high melting point and decompositiontemperature, and the resulting grease has a high drop point (260 ° C or higher)and has a very long service life at high temperatures. Bearing lubrication lifeof more than 2000h at 121°C and 10000r/min. Since boron nitride is insoluble inwater, the resulting lipids have good water resistance. Because of theseadvantages, boron nitride has a wide range of applications, especially as athermal aviation used in missiles and rockets. Also mentioned above is thepolytetrafluoroethylene has excellent chemical stability and excellentlubricity. The greases are made from thickened polyperfluoroalkyl ethers andhave unique chemical inerty, thermal stability, excellent lubricity andnon-flammability. It has become a major grease in the aviation, space andatomic energy industries, providing safe and reliable lubrication, especiallyin harsh working environments.

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