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How to choose grease for rolling roller insteel mill

Issuing time:2024-05-12 14:57

Steel mill bearing grease is generally madeof organic compounds thickened with high viscosity base oil, and the use effectof such grease is relatively high temperature resistant. The bearings onrolling rollers, steel furnaces, sintering machines and other high temperaturebearings and friction parts are more suitable to use such greases, which canbetter reduce the number of maintenance. At the same time, mining, energy,building materials, petrochemical, textile, paper and other high temperatureparts and contact acid and alkali equipment can also choose such grease, todaysimply talk about the rolling mill roll grease.

First of all, such grease must haveexcellent wear resistance to extreme pressure and water resistance. So that thewater can be soaked for a long time without dissolving. Of course, it also hasexcellent adhesion to protect the metal from wear and corrosion, and thepurpose of doing so is to be better used. There is also a point that need notbe emphasized more, that is, it has excellent high temperature resistance, ifit is not resistant to high temperature, it will melt away. Those that canachieve these conditions are generally multi-compound synthetic greases, whichhave a longer life than ordinary synthetic greases.

Of course, it is also necessary to choosethe appropriate grease according to the lubrication characteristics of thesteelmaking equipment. In different conditions, choose the right one, forexample

Limestone and ore sintering equipmentusually operates under dust, vibration and high temperature conditions,selecting a dust-proof grease. Rolling mills have different types oflubrication and cooling media, and different rolling materials require differentmedia. Choosing the right oil is very important.

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