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National Day holiday related content

Issuing time:2021-09-30 11:15Author:YIRUNDE GREASE

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According to the leaders of the company and the leaders of grease production workshop, according to the recent production plan, the National Day holiday arrangement of 2021 is as follows:

From October 1st (Friday) to October 7th (Thursday), there will be a holiday for 7 days.

September 26 (Sunday), October 9 (Saturday) work.

National Day holiday does not advocate gathering.

Congregations and gatherings are discouraged during the holidays, especially in large numbers.

Before you travel, you should know the epidemic prevention and control level of the destination. You should not go to medium-high risk areas or travel to medium-high risk areas.

Under the severe situation of the global COVID-19 epidemic, we are still under great pressure to prevent imported cases. We remind the public to remain vigilant in the process of epidemic prevention and control when traveling.

Juntai grease here in advance to wish you all a happy holiday! Everyone must pay attention to safety and strengthen personal protection oh ~

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