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High load bearing grease

High load bearing grease
Product Details

High load bearing grease is made of multiple reunite ureas compounds thickened into grease and added with oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance and other additives. This grease is specially designed for high temperature and high speed operation. It can be used for long life lubrication of ball bearings with high load and high speed operation at high temperature. Long time will not dry will not affect the lubrication of bearings. Performance characteristics are also very good, it has excellent oxidation resistance, in the equipment for a long time will not oxidize. At the same time also has excellent high and low temperature performance, high temperature will not drip, above -40 degrees Celsius will not harden frozen. It is a multi-function bearing grease.

The product has excellent corrosion resistance and water resistance, so as to save the cost of frequent replacement of grease or loss in water. The product uses low viscosity synthetic base oil so it has excellent lubricity. After adding additives also has a high load; The good soap base results in excellent mechanical stability, which can provide excellent performance under extremely harsh conditions.

The products are widely used in metallurgical equipment, automobile, motor bearings, chemical fiber, textile, printing and dyeing bearings, railway locomotive bearing friction parts; At the same time, it is also suitable for bearings working in high temperature water shower, acid gas, radiation environment and high-speed bearings bearing heavy load or impact load; Bearings for all kinds of machinery and equipment.

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