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High speed low noise grease

High speed low noise grease
Product Details

High speed low noise grease

This product is an enterprise product research and development after many years of testing, is a more perfect product. Made of synthetic oil based on lipids, lithium soap thickener and unique additives, low noise grease specially made in extremely clean natural environment. This fast grease is specially designed for the lubrication of high cleanliness grade sealed bearings which must operate with very low noise. It can effectively reduce the vibration value of bearings and achieve the lubrication requirements of long life with low noise and low running torque. The noise reduction effect of bearings is mentioned to be greatly assisted.

Performance characteristics:

· Excellent lubrication performance and fast performance, very few abnormal sound when the bearing is running;

· Excellent caustic stability, low temperature torque, wide operating temperature range;

· Excellent wear resistance and waterproof performance, high quality anti-rust treatment and corrosion resistance;

· High cleanliness, no particulate residue, to ensure efficient and low noise operation.

There are many main parameters of the index value, you can contact the company for consultation.

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Application of commodities:

· Suitable for places where low noise, anti-rust treatment and lifelong lubrication are required. Such as audio and video machine equipment, office supplies, computer external equipment, lathe spindle, instrumentation and other various bearings and rolling components lubrication and safety protection;

· Used for efficient lubrication of motor bearings of air conditioners, washing machines, fans and vacuum cleaners.

· It is used for continuous high temperature and long life lubrication of ac generator bearings, refrigerating centrifugal pump bearings and starter bearings. It can be used for the working condition of water storage or salt water source pollution

There are many kinds of outer packing, you can contact the enterprise and discuss the outer packing.

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