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Application of high temperature grease in corrugated machine bearing

Issuing time:2021-08-23 11:12Author:YIRUNDE GREASE

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The corrugator is a kind of mechanical equipment for processing and producing corrugated cardboard. The main lubricating part of the equipment is the corrugated roller bearing and needs high-temperature lubricating grease. The characteristics of corrugated roller bearing working conditions: a certain working load, low and medium speed, high temperature accompanied by water vapor intrusion. The correct selection of corrugated roller bearing grease is very important. Improper selection of grease will cause the grease to become thinner. After the grease is sprayed, the oil film cannot adhere to the lubricating surface, and mechanical failures such as bearing seizure and seizure occur because of the corrugator spindle High temperature, excessive water, long-term steam.

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If you accidentally choose a grease with poor high temperature properties, it will cause high-temperature volatilization, resulting in coking and carbon deposits and damage to the bearing. As a manufacturer of special high-temperature grease for corrugating machines, here are some personal lubrication experiences:

High-quality corrugating machine bearing grease needs to meet the following conditions:

1. Lubricating grease needs to have excellent high temperature stability and a high dropping point, because the bearing temperature of the corrugated roller bearing is about 160-180℃ during normal operation, and sometimes exceeds 230℃, and there will be no loss and grease rejection during long-term work.

2.Excellent oxidation stability: When the grease is in contact with the air in a high temperature environment, the lubricating oil and metal soap in the grease will be catalytically oxidized at high temperature, and the long-chain molecules are broken into short-chain molecules, and finally become carbonized. The thing is coking. Therefore, it is required that the special grease for corrugating machine bearings will not be quickly oxidized, and no coking and carbon deposits will occur.

3.Excellent water resistance stability: The work of corrugated roller bearings is accompanied by high-pressure water vapor, which requires the grease to have good water resistance, especially at high temperatures, the grease will not emulsify or hydrolyze when exposed to water.

4.Excellent shear stability: When the grease is subjected to shearing for a long time during mechanical work, the soap fibers are gradually cut from the grease, the base oil adsorption capacity decreases, the consistency of the grease decreases, the oil soap separates, and the grease is prone to occur Drain.

5.Excellent extreme pressure and wear resistance: Corrugated roller bearings have a certain working load, and it is easy to form boundary lubrication or extreme pressure lubrication between the friction pairs. If the extreme pressure performance of the grease is insufficient, boundary friction between the bearings is likely to occur. Therefore, the grease is required to have good extreme pressure and anti-wear properties, and to extend the lubricating cycle.

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The above points confirm the characteristics of the special high-temperature grease for corrugating machines, which will be helpful for future customers and purchasers to choose. It should be a high and low temperature, long life, steam resistant grease. It is especially suitable for long-period lubrication of corrugated roller spindle bearings in the corrugated paper production industry.

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