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high temperature grease for furnace fan bearing

high temperature grease for furnace fan bearing
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Product Description:   

It is suitable for the lubrication of rolling bearings under high temperature and heavy load conditions, Such as Furnace fan bearing   lubrication of ceramics, electric porcelain, brick and tile tunnel kilns and some baking equipment chain and bearing. It is also suitable for sintering trolley, static heating of steel ingots, aluminum ingots, tempering hopper car, incinerator and regeneration furnace, etc.   

Applicable temperature range: -20 ~ 1000


It has excellent anti-rust effect.   

Excellent waterproof effect;   

Strong adhesion, and can form a layer of oil film on the surface of steel;   

Good mechanical stability, It will not become soft when the mechanical surface is lubricated and will not cause leakage;   

During normal operation, the grease will be thrown into the bearing from the bearing seat, if the mechanical stability of the grease is not enough, the structure of the grease will be mechanical disintegrated during operation, resulting in the damage of the grease and the loss of lubrication.   

Excellent sealing performance, protect the bearing and grease from foreign pollution barrier, During the operation of the bearing,no matter debris or moisture cant penetrate into the bearing, in order to prevent its destruction.


Never mix incompatible oils. If two incompatible oils are mixed, the consistency will usually be reduced   

become soft, and finally may cause damage to the bearing due to the easy loss of grease.   If you do not know which kind of grease the original bearing is used, it is necessary to completely remove the inside and outside old grease of the bearing before adding new grease.   

The classification of fan bearing grease is mainly distinguished according to temperature and working conditions: grease can be distinguished according to their allowable operating temperature. The consistency and lubrication capacity of grease are affected by the operating temperature,In a certain bearings operated at temperature must be selected to have the correct consistency and good lubrication at the same temperature. High temperature and high speed bearing greases are manufactured in different operating temperature ranges, which can be roughly divided into low temperature, medium temperature and high temperature grease, additives are added to enhance the strength of the lubricating oil film.

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