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As consumables, high temperature grease has long service life!

Issuing time:2023-05-20 21:08Author:YIRUNDE GREASE

Why can grease be lost after hightemperature? Grease is a maintenance product, whether it's regular or hot.Factory equipment is like printers and grease is like A4 paper. As consumables,high temperature grease has long service life!

High temperature grease should be able towithstand higher operating temperatures than ordinary grease, but this does notmean that there will be no loss of hot grease. If a large amount of ordinarygrease is used, it will be lost quickly after completion, and a large amount ofgrease must be added to fill it, increasing the cost of manpower and materialresources. In other words, if no high-temperature resistant oil is lost, someoil appears to remain on the surface, but this hot oil is likely to form cokeand block on the friction surface, resulting in residual oil and littlelubrication. Therefore, it cannot be said that there is no loss of hot grease,which is good.

Bearings, gears, chains and othercomponents in a variety of equipment are subjected to harsh operating conditionsof hundreds of degrees at high temperatures. In order to ensure that thecomponents can ensure working conditions and reach a certain service life, hightemperature grease should be used to assist. From many types, specificationsand brands of grease, the method of selecting a grease that can meet therequirements of the friction working conditions of a particular equipment is avery practical technique, which is very important for lubrication engineers.

Correct selection of grease is the key togood equipment lubrication. Correct selection of grease can effectively reduceequipment wear and prolong its service life. If not chosen properly, it notonly fails to provide good lubrication protection, but may contaminate andcorrode equipment, increase friction and cause damage or failure of equipmentcomponents.

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