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How to choose high temperature grease among many types of grease

Issuing time:2022-01-03 23:00Author:YIRUNDE GREASE

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There are many kinds of grease products, and the application scenarios include machinery, bearings, food industry, power tools, metallurgy industry, automobiles, engineering vehicles and so on. How to choose high temperature resistant grease?

Factors to consider include:

1. Consider the load of grease lubrication parts.

2. From the perspective of comprehensive benefits, there are many kinds of grease to meet the requirements of mechanical use, and when selecting grease, we can not only care about the price, but also see whether it extends the lubrication cycle, reduce the maintenance cost and other related content. Only the grease with outstanding comprehensive benefits is the appropriate grease.

3. Purpose of using grease When selecting grease, the purpose of using grease should be clear first. According to the main role of grease, grease can be roughly divided into three categories of friction reduction, protection and sealing, and the choice of grease depends on the role it plays in the use part is based on which one.

4. Consider the environment of the lubrication part and the contact medium the environment of the lubrication part and the contact medium have a great influence on the performance of grease, therefore, in the selection of grease, should be carefully considered.

5. Consider the speed of the lubricating part of grease. Since grease is a rheological system, its similar viscosity changes with the shear rate. Therefore, the physical state and lubrication of grease are particularly sensitive to the operation speed of lubricating parts, which is different from lubricating oil.

6. Consider the filling methods of grease. The filling methods of grease include manual filling and centralized filling by pump. Daub, filling, fat gun filling, fat cup filling and so on all belong to manual filling.

7. Consider the working temperature of the lubricating part the temperature of the mechanical friction part and the temperature change have a decisive influence on the lubrication effect and service life of grease, and the working temperature of the lubricating part is an important basis for selecting grease.

High quality high temperature resistant grease is generally synthetic base oil, and add antioxidants and other additives, manufactured by special process. Suitable for bearing lubrication under high temperature and high load conditions. In general, it has excellent extreme pressure anti-wear performance, excellent adhesion performance and good rust resistance.

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