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How to choose low temperature damping grease

Issuing time:2022-11-26 13:23Author:YIRUNDE GREASE

Low temperature damping grease is a low temperature resistant cream. Before adding grease, please ensure that the surface of the wetting element is cleaned dry to ensure that the whole process of grease introduction is clean. It is strictly prohibited to mix with different brands of grease. Attention should be paid to the control of plant oil dismantling cycle time and the whole process of use, and the amount of additives as much as possible.

Low temperature damping grease of different types of viscosity, suitable for parts or structures with different torsion standards.

According to the actual situation to choose their own viscosity, convenient into a variety of environmental applications. There are many advantages of low temperature damping fat, stable quality, with excellent buffering buffering, can make the parts stable, stable, clear move. So it is often used to connect parts to allow more gaps and tolerances. ADAPTS to most plastics. For example, various kinds of furniture damping, grease, sanitary buffers and buffer hinges.

Choosing suitable low temperature damping grease is very key.

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