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How to identify the quality of grease?

Issuing time:2022-11-19 08:50Author:YIRUNDE GREASE

The use of grease is more and more wide, we should learn how to identify the quality of grease. For example, the identification of soap bases, the inspection of mechanical impurities, the observation of fineness, and the drop of temperature.

Some clients like to apply fat to copper sheets and put them in hot water. If the grease does not melt quickly after heating, the service temperature of the grease is still very good. Fat and water can also be mixed together, such as water does not change color, does not emulsify, that waterproof effect is good. If it becomes a milky translucent milky solution, it is not waterproof grease. Put the greased copper sheet into the test tube with water and keep rotating. If there is no oil separation, it indicates that the fat tissue structure is normal. If the water droplets float on the water, it indicates that the grease is not waterproof grease. Use your finger to take a small amount of grease screw pressure, determine whether there are impurities; The grease is coated on the transparent glass plate, the coating thickness is about 0.5, and the mechanical impurities can be observed in the light. That's also a good idea. The correct choice of grease is very important.

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