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How to distinguish the use of grease

 How to distinguish the use of grease

Grease has many different uses. In general, its uses can be divided into, Automobile grease, machine tools grease, bearings grease, air compressor grease, and so on; there are high temperature grease, low temperature grease; there are all kinds of special purposes of lubricating oil, grease. There are some special equipment that need to be customized grease, such as corrugated base grease, paper machine grease, high-speed motor bearing grease, etc.


Finally, grease is closely related to people's lives; it has become a common fast consumable in addition to life materials, its figure appears in our corner of life all the time, has become an essential part of our life. Have any questions about grease, and do not understand the situation, welcome to leave a message on the website.


It is difficult to choose suitable lubricating grease; sometimes, many products’ names do include application, customers need many knowledge to understand its application. My company committed to making it easy for ordinary users to understand the products.

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