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Lubricating oil and grease for large and medium-sized motor bearings

The selection of lubricating oil and grease for large and medium-sized motor bearings is very critical. It is the thin oil cycle system lubrication system software to take oil tank, oil pump, filter device, cooling tower, pressure reducing valve, automatic control system alarm data signal equipment, and the general thin oil cycle system lubrication system software the same. General bearings of large and medium-sized motors are designed for oil ring lubrication, that is, bearings in addition to the cycle of oil supply, oil ring also supply oil.

The purpose of selecting oil-ring bearings is to avoid the occurrence of common faults in the cycle, and oil can be supplied by the oil ring. 20 times 70's production of large and medium-sized motor, although through the development trend of The Times, but still choose circulation system lubrication system software. But many motors use hydrostatic lubrication system software. That is, in addition to all normal oil supply cycles, the hydrostatic system software is equipped at the same time, the goal of which is to enhance lubrication. When the motor is running, the high pressure oil flow is forced to press the bottom of the bearing first, and the journal is extended to create a layer of oil film between the journal and the bearing, and then the motor is restarted. When the motor operation exceeds the stable speed ratio, the static pressure system software will shut itself down. At this time, the gas pressure oil film has been automatically generated between the bearing and the journal. The static pressure system software is also run during the motor stop process to ensure that the middle of the sliding friction surface of the bearing pair is always in liquid friction during the braking system operation. When the motor stops running, the oil supply of the hydrostatic system software is terminated.

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