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Present situation and development direction of high temperature grease

 At present, the most commonly used grease in China is metal material soap based grease based on mineral oil, and its application temperature does not exceed 120℃. Scientific research on high temperature grease is of key practical significance to meet the requirements of high temperature wetting of some machines and equipment.

1. Base oil

Base oil is the main component of grease. The performance of base oil immediately endangers the performance of grease in various fields. Mineral oil is very easy to air oxidation, generally can not be used as the base oil of high temperature grease. Synthetic oil has good high temperature reliability, air oxidation stability, good viscosity temperature performance, low volatiles, can meet the requirements of various fields under high temperature conditions, has become the key base oil used in high temperature grease.

2, thickener

Thickener is an indispensable solid part of grease. The thickener thickens the base oil to semi-solid, which determines the characteristics of grease as well as the base oil. The types of thickeners are divided into four categories, namely soap-based components, hydrocarbon based, organic chemistry and organic thickeners. Hydrocarbon based thickeners are generally used at very low temperatures (less than 80℃), and high temperature thickeners are dominated by soap based components, organic chemistry and organic matter.

The application temperature of single metal material soap grease is not high (lower than 120℃), which cannot meet the high temperature standard. The high temperature soap grease used at present is mainly compound soap grease, the key is compound lithium, compound calcium and compound aluminum, among which compound lithium is widely used. Organic chemical thickening agent is to point to metal material soap and solid hydrocarbon have thickening effect of organic compounds, such as aromatic urea, fluorobenzene, phthalein blue color paste and indigo dye agent. They are a number of aromatic ring, good thermal stability of the chemical substances. Under certain technical standards, organic chemical thickeners generate structural frames in base oils, and then make grease. Organic thickener generally has good high temperature performance, is the production of high temperature grease more satisfactory thickener, has good high temperature performance and high temperature air oxidation stability, but other properties (such as defense ability, base oil after evaporation solid residual, etc.) relativity is not enough.

With the development trend of modern industrial equipment, there are more and more requirements for high temperature multi-effect grease. The development trend of high dripping and multi-efficiency grease is rapid. Compound lithium grease and polyurea waterproof grease are the specific orientation of high dripping grease. In Recent years, the proportion of high drop grease in China has gradually increased, but because of the industrial development and industrial equipment in China, high temperature grease started late, the development trend is relatively slow, and the type is not ideal enough. High temperature grease, especially compound lithium grease and polyurea waterproof grease, is the specific orientation of the current development trend of grease in China

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