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How to choose automobile grease and pay attention to the main points

 Grease is used in many places. Different varieties and varieties of grease have different performance, characteristics and application. Reasonable choice of use is the premise of reliable automobile lubrication, please pay attention to the following points when choosing the use of automobile grease:

General automotive grease is generally recommended to use lithium automotive grease suitable for use in general automotive friction points. By using the automotive universal knob type grease, compared with the previous use of calcium type grease, the oil replacement time can be twice longer, reduce wear and simplify the variety. Lunyi bearings are mainly used in fat parts. 2# fat is used all year round (in the south), or 1# fat is used in winter and 2# fat is used in summer (in the north).

Many users have been used to using 3# grease for many years, but this grease consistency will increase the rotary resistance of wheel load bearings. 3# grease should only be used for tropical heavy duty vehicles. The grease of bearing bearings must be replaced before the oil is seriously broken, stratified, softened and lost, and generally replaced during two-stage maintenance. Fat replacement should be reasonable filling, try to use no-load lubrication.

For lubrication of parts other than wheel bearings, the filling amount of grease must also be appropriate, which is not good enough. Generally speaking, it is best to put only 1/2 to 2/3 of the free space.

Calcium-based greases contain scaly graphite (solid) and therefore cannot be used for high-speed bearings. Otherwise, bearing damage will be caused. In addition, in the car leaf springs and other large load, folding speed is low parts, need to use graphite calcium grease. Graphite as a solid lubricant is difficult to extrude from the friction surface, play a continuous lubrication role.

Inject grease into each lubrication point in time according to the provisions of the operation manual. Every 20000km, grease must be injected into pump bearings, clutch pedal shaft, brake pedal shaft, all points of the drive shaft, front and back leaf spring pins, steering knuckle kingpins, pull rods, etc.

Try to avoid mixing different greases. Due to the different chemical composition and properties of various greases, if mixed, it may produce negative effects such as oil content increase and drop point decrease.

New grease cannot be mixed with old grease. Even if it is the same type, because the old grease contains a lot of organic acids and impurities, mixing with the new grease will promote oxidative deterioration. Therefore, when replacing grease, you must clean the old grease on the parts and add new grease.

Grease mixed with impurities is not easy to remove, in the process of storage, packaging, use, should strictly prevent ash, sand, moisture and other external impurities pollution, containers and grease tools must be dry and clean; Minimize fat and air exposure to the workplace should be clean, to avoid sand; And grease before the bearing grease mouth should be wiped clean; Cover or cap the nozzles of fat-filling containers and dispensers immediately after completion of work

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