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At present, lithium grease is commonly used in construction machinery

 Lithium grease is commonly used in construction machinery and other equipment at present. According to the friction part of the temperature range, moisture or water contact degree, load weight, high speed and other factors for comprehensive consideration. At present, it is a common trend to use lithium grease instead of calcium grease. Lithium grease is suitable for a wide range of temperature, good moisture resistance and high drop point. Various greases come in different varieties. There are generally L, 2, 3, 4 varieties, the bigger the model, the harder the lipid. When using these four varieties of grease, in addition to paying attention to the use temperature, it is also necessary to use according to the load of the friction part. That is to say, when the friction part load is large, please use a large brand, needle degree of small hard grease, so as to avoid the grease can not withstand a large load, be extruded and lose lubrication

In the past, grease is mainly calcium base grease. In fact, calcium base grease is a gradually phased out variety, with good water resistance, pumping and shear stability, but there are major shortcomings. First, the ambient temperature shall not exceed 70. When the temperature of friction part exceeds 70, soft oxidation loss of calcium base grease, friction part loses lubrication, wear acceleration, and even ablation; Second, calcium-based grease becomes hard at low temperature and cracks appear, affecting bonding with the friction surface. At the same time, the increase of friction resistance prevents grease from reliably pressing on the friction surface. Third, calcium-based grease has a short life.

When the load is small, soft grease with small variety and large needle penetration should be selected to form a complete oil film, which has good lubrication effect and prevents excessive friction resistance and loss of power.

Construction machinery is irreplaceable in highway construction and maintenance. How to improve mechanical efficiency and prolong the economic life of machinery is the common subject of equipment managers and operators. Details determine success or failure. Only by paying attention to the details of equipment management and use, can the equipment play a better role. The lubricating oil and grease used by construction machinery are such details, which hope to be highly valued by the vast number of equipment management personnel and users, so that construction machinery can play its due role.

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