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Evaporation loss and drop point are related to the performance of high temperature grease

 The evaporative damage and drip point of grease are the main factors to evaluate the performance of grease. Grease is often consumed slowly in use because of outflow, evaporation and air oxidation, especially evaporation is more likely to become an obvious problem at high temperature. Evaporation takes away the liquid component of lubrication in grease, and then changes the mechanism of grease to harm its performance. The evaporation of the grease sex of both must be in the high temperature at the same time also must work under the condition of ultra-low temperature has a crucial practical significance, because the grease in the work of the ultra-low temperature below zero, the viscosity of base oil and points need to be very low, and most of the high viscosity, low solidifying point of mineral oil with lighter vacuum residuum, without high temperature (100 ℃), it will be a lot of evaporation. As a result, greases for wide temperature range applications often use only synthetic oils as base oils. The high temperature performance of high temperature grease can be better evaluated by combining evaporation damage and drop point. Therefore, accurate grease should be used effectively.

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