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How to use grease for unloading machine

Each kind of machine equipment must not be the same as the grease, today talk about the cutting machine (unloading machine) special type of grease. Cutting machine (unloading machine) generally see spacing or prominent operation, and the load change is large, and even destructive and vibration, is the unloading of a large number of stone, coal and other loose raw materials in engineering construction common equipment handling. Most of this kind of machinery and equipment is outdoors, dust, rain and snow weather and other adverse factors under operation, so the provisions of the commonly used grease oxidation resistance, wetting performance, adhesion performance, anti emulsion performance and waterproof performance is good. Common feeder grease with examples:

1. Crankshaft joint groove wheel mechanism: multi-effect universal lithium grease or compound calcium grease

2. Wheel hub bearing (turning) : multi-effect universal lithium or compound calcium base grease

3. Thrust bearings: multi-effect universal lithium grease or compound calcium grease

4. Grease centralization provides oil wetting position: extreme pressure grease

5. Worm drive gear and its open drive gear: extreme pressure grease

6. Rotary Worm box: Extreme pressure worm oil 

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