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How is open gear grease used in paper industry equipment

 Nowadays, there are more mechanical equipment using open gear grease in foreign paper mills, such as peeling machine, steam machine, paper machine, dryer drum, paper rolling machine and paper cutting machine. Generally used in the past with fat products, has been eliminated, because the temperature of this kind of products is not high, it is easy to extrude from the gear, and easy to be infected with wood dust particles, resulting in great gear resistance. In recent years, high temperature grease is used to lubricate. As the equipment speed increases and the temperature increases, ordinary grease is no longer applicable.

A large part of the open gear grease of paper machinery abroad adopts the more advanced grease developed in recent years - polyurea, lithium compound grease and so on. These greases have excellent properties such as high temperature resistance, water resistance and long service life. For example, a cigarette paper manufacturer in the United States originally used bentonite grease on the drum open gear of its dryer, which hardened and coking during use, thus frequent maintenance. After the use of polyurea grease, there is no problem for more than a year, there is no need to repair. Therefore, choosing the right grease will save a lot of time.

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