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How do you lubricate the car sunroof?

Issuing time:2021-07-12 08:15Author:YIRUNDE GREASE

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The car sunroof was created in modern times to provide a beautiful view of the passengers and to ventilate the car. However, the opening and closing of the car sunroof and the lubrication of the track are very confusing problems for car owners. The special grease for automobile sunroof should be suitable for the lubrication and silencing of sliding parts of automobile power window components, such as window regulators, open roof sunroofs, etc.; used for various automobile electric device parts, such as rearview mirrors, seat slides, etc. Lubrication between plastic parts such as rails and metal; used for lubrication of various induction and necessary friction parts of electronic equipment, precision instruments and office equipment. Therefore, it is very important to adopt appropriate and reasonable lubrication methods. The car sunroof not only has a very practical function, but also makes the car more beautiful. Cars mainly pay attention to checking and maintaining the sunroof of their own car to prevent heavy rain outside and light rain inside the car.

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The lubricating materials used in car sunroof grease are also various. Some materials are very lubricating with the sunroof, and some materials will not only not provide high-quality lubrication, but will also increase some unnecessary troubles. For example, the track of the sunroof will have abnormal noises. , Dust accumulates on the track. The operating temperature of general car sunroof grease: minus 60°C to 150°C, it will not be lost even above 200°C. Use all-weather, full protection from severe cold and heat.

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What properties should automotive sunroof grease have?

First of all, the lubrication performance is better. This is the basic function of sunroof lubrication, which reduces the friction coefficient of the slideway and reduces the wear of the slideway. Then there is the adhesion performance. The lubricating grease of the slide rail must maintain a certain aging effect, stay on the slide rail, and cannot flow or volatilize. Another big problem caused by the flow of grease is the pollution of the interior or the dripping and polluting the seat. This is very troublesome. Water resistance also needs attention. The sunroof slide rail is located on the roof of the car, and it is unavoidable to be exposed to water when it is opened. A good lubricating grease should have sufficient water resistance, and the loss after water drenching is very small. Then there is rust resistance. Most skylight slide rails are made of metal materials and generally will not rust, but some skylight slide rails are made of stainless steel. The slide rails are exposed to frost-proof rain and snow, and they will still rust after a long time. Therefore, it is necessary to have anti-rust properties.What is very important is the resistance to low temperature and high temperature. This is an important performance. Under normal circumstances, the sunroof can be opened in any season. The high temperature resistance mentioned here is not as high as several hundred degrees Celsius as mentioned by industrial lubrication. , But to reach the temperature of the car watch under the direct sun in summer, it generally has to reach 60 degrees or higher, so that the grease will not melt and flow. However, if the lubricating grease of the slide rail is not resistant to low temperatures, it will freeze in winter. Not only will it not provide lubrication, but it will freeze the slide and make it difficult to open. Generally, the low temperature performance of the grease is required to reach at least -50°C. Finally, let’s talk about long-term performance and odorless environmental protection. The maintenance cycle of sunroof lubrication should be more than half a year. Therefore, the chemical and physical properties of lubricating grease are required to be relatively stable, and it must be able to maintain lubricating performance during the maintenance cycle. The door space is small and the odor is difficult to emit. Therefore, the lubricating grease for slide rails must not have odors, especially harmful odors, and must not contain substances harmful to the human body.

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Modern machines, instruments and other equipment are developing towards high speed, heavy load, precision, light weight, etc. This puts many new requirements on lubrication performance, adopts new technologies to improve processes, improve manufacturing accuracy, and reduce costs. While strengthening standardization, increase the variety and expand the market. Lubricating greases for sunroofs will gradually become more diverse over time. The car sunroof makes the car more beautiful. Maintenance inspection is also very important.

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